World's Most Beautiful Rivers

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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Merced River

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Merced river is located west of the Yosemite National Park, which is one of the most popular places for nature walks in this part of California.
Most beautiful rivers,  -  River Darling

River Darling

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The length of river Darling in Australia is 2830 km. River Darling in Australia was named after Sir Ralph Darling, who was then governor of New South Wales. River Darling facts.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Yarra River

Yarra River

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Yarra River flows through the eastern and central part of the Australian state of Victoria. In 1835 at the bottom of Yarra arises the very popular city of Melbourne.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Yangtze River

Yangtze River

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Yangtze River or Changjiang River is the longest river in the territory of China. Also known under the name Chandzyan. Yangtze River reaches a record length of 6300 km.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Dniester River

Dniester River

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Dniester River is one of the major trans-boundary rivers in Eastern Europe. Dniester River rises on the slopes of mount Rozluch in the middle part of the Carpathian Mountains, near the village Vovche.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Missouri river

Missouri river

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Missouri River is the longest river in the U. S. and generally in North America. Missouri River is a tributary of the Mississippi. Missouri River facts.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Sognefjord


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Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway and the second largest ever in the world. Sognefjord is the most impressive of fjords of western Norway.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Vistula River

Vistula River

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Vistula River with its 1000 km length is the longest and most important in Poland. In the Baltic Sea basin, it is the longest and second most navigable after the River Neva.
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Most beautiful rivers,  -  Una River

Una River

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Una River is one of the most attractive rivers in the territory of Croatia. Una River flows through Martin Brod, Kulen Vakuf, Ripac, Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanska Otoka, Novi Grad, Kostajnica and Du
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Lakes and Waterfalls
Most beautiful rivers,  - Lake Mead
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